Surf in Santa Teresa

Santa Teresa has become one of the most sought out surf destinations in Costa Rica. It is not just the clear water, white sand, and beautifull palm trees that make Santa Teresa ideal for surfing, but it is the fact that here we have a constant presence of waves all year long, with a water temperature surfers only dream of.
You only need to pack a swimsuit & rashguard to protect yourself from the sun.
Santa Teresa is a open beach break with many different peaks, and even in the busiest weeks there are still waves for everyone.
The surf in Santa Teresa is for all levels. From beginners practicing in the white water, to more experienced surfers on the peaks or even at the famous point "suck rock".
If you don't want to travel with your surfboard, you can buy one here, or rent one from one of the local surfshops for $10 / $15.

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